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Thank you for your interest in Christ’s Ambassadors.
 Christ’s Ambassadors is a proven method for Christians to be equipped to make Christ, His word and service a central part of their lives.

The Christ’s Ambassador’s ministry includes three ways in which your congregation can participate. These include a workshop (Quest for Truth Workshop) and /or an in-depth 11-week course (Equipping the Saints) and/or by supporting the ministry:

“Quest for Truth Workshop”

The instructor will arrive on Friday night, teach the workshop on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., and be available to speak at the morning services. Each participant of the workshop will receive a FREE 62-page workbook.

 “Equipping the Saints” 11-week course

Participants meet one night a week (two-hour class) and six days of homework (1.5 hours average per day) for 11 weeks. Though this is a commitment of time, it leads to a life-changing experience. The course requires a three-ring course binder (438 pages) for each student.
The course can be taken under a certified instructor or by use of a set of DVDs. If you wish, an instructor will be provided; the only cost will be his travel expenses. The best way is to have a certified instructor.


To be certified you must complete the Equipping the Saints course. Once this is done you must attend a “Quest for Truth” workshop, followed by a three-hour certification class or attend a one-day certification class (Every one will need an instructor’s book).
We have found that having the “Quest for Truth Saturday Workshop” two weeks before you start the “Equipping the Saints” course is the best way to introduce this to your congregation and other congregations in your area.

 I hope you will join us in this exciting and effective path to greater knowledge and Christian maturity. I look forward to visiting with you soon. 
Please call me at 1-888-572-0163 for more details.

In Christ’s Service
     Don Calhoun

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