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Printable Quest for Truth in English
QFT 1   Yellow Letter Paper TC QFT 1 Yellow Legal Paper
QFT 2   Goldrod Letter PaperTC QFT 2 Goldrod Legal Paper
QFT 3  Blue Letter PaperTC QFT 3 Blue Legal Paper
QFT 4  Pink Letter PaperTC QFT 4 Pink Legal Paper
QFT 5  Green Letter PaperTC QFT 5 Green Legal Paper
QFT 6   Tan Letter Paper TC QFT 6 Tan Legal Paper
QFT 7 Orchid Letter PaperTC QFT 7 Orchid Legal Paper
QFT 8 Gary Letter Paper TC QFT 8 Gary Legal Paper
Spanish: "En pos de la verdad" 
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